About us

Who is Classic?  Classic Soccer Club is a highly competitive youth soccer club located in both the Southeast Valley and West Valley.  Classic was created to start a high-level soccer program that is fun but challenging.  As a club, we expect both growth and achievement from our coaches and players.  The foundation of our club is around player and coach development.  At Classic, we have high expectations of our coaches to teach and compete at the highest level.  Although not all teams will start with the best talent, it is our job to coach these players up to the highest level they can achieve.  At Classic, our program is designed to take average players to a high level and advanced players to an even higher level.  We are seeking players that will take direction and work hard to achieve their team and personal goals.

Classic coaching – The Classic coaching philosophy begins with finding the right coaches that fit our culture and vision.  Classic selects coaches that are skilled in teaching and have performed well in their past.  Members of our coaching staff have played in the MLS, the World Cup, their respective National Teams, professionally in many parts of the world, and collegiately.

The Classic Development Curriculum – Classic’s focus on development is driven by our Director of Training.  His involvement and interaction with the coaches to make sure they follow our plan and the player’s personal development plan is the difference in consistently improving players.  Our Director of Training has been involved in sending numerous kids through scholarship to college and to play professionally in the United States and abroad.

Striving to be the best in everything we do – At Classic we work hard to provide the best soccer training, speed and strength development training, goalie training, nutritional planning, and mental preparation our professionals can.   We believe kids learn from observing the discipline of their leaders.  This structure can help them in their soccer career and their future.

The Classic College Preparation Program – Classic’s preparation for college is unique to the SE Valley.  Classic has two coaches that have organized two of the largest college showcases in the country.  Through these showcases our coaches have collaborated and developed strong relationships with college coaches throughout the country.  This insight provides us with the information needed to create our curriculum and moves our kids one step closer to their goal.  Once the kids are at the age where colleges are interested in them, our coaches and Director of Training become involved in communicating with the prospective universities coaches.  We also will work with the kids and their families to make sure they have the right promotional tools to help gain exposure if we don’t already have a relationship with that school’s coaching staff.